How To Join

Application Process: 

Training, certifying and then searching with your canine represents a significant commitment in time and energy.  The entire team supports the trainee with this commitment. NEK9 is a small, select, skilled and dedicated group which places tremendous responsibility on each individual for the success of the whole. Therefore, applicants are accepted with great care.

Both applicants and canines will be tested for potential aptitude for SAR work. Applicants without canines will be guided in puppy selection should they qualify for trainee status. This helps to insure a suitable canine is chosen and that training begins during early weeks of development.

To be eligible for trainee status,  applicants must be a primary, legal resident of New Hampshire or Vermont or reside year-round in a town in Maine, Massachusetts or New York that has part of its town limits within ten miles of the NH or VT border.

Before considering joining NEK9, read all materials carefully and follow these steps:

  1. Read everything on the web site.
  2. Read each of these documents. 
    1. Time Investment doing K-9 SAR
    2. Startup Equipment Costs
    3. Search Pack (Minimum required)
  3. Email to inquire if applicants are being accepted at this time.
  4. Fill out Application Form.
  5. Send the application to PO Box 407 Grantham, NH 03753 or email to
  6. Purchase and read these books if your application is accepted.
    1. SAR K-9 Book List

Individuals interested in becoming part of our communications team, click here to read requirements. If you think you have the time, interest and some of the skills needed to help, email  for more details.