“Lostproofing” Program

“Lostproofing” Your Kids: New England K-9 SAR has a strong commitment to educating children and adults about how to be safe in the woods. We talk to children about how to “lostproof” themselves.; and if they get lost, how to stay safe. And of course, the dogs enjoy showing off their nosey talents!  You may contact us to arrange for one of our members to come to your school, camp, or youth group meeting to give a presentation that includes a DVD/video, woods safety discussion and search demonstration with one of our dogs. Each child and adult leaves with a reminder handout of the important ways to avoid getting lost and what to do if you should become lost.

Our members use a 12-minute video called, Lost but Found Safe and Sound™ (produced by the Association of National Park Rangers). This 12-minute, professionally produced video is designed to show children, ages 4-12, what to do if they become lost in remote areas such as parks or forests. It follows the actions and thinking of 7-year-old Kelly, who sets out on a long-awaited hike on a beautiful day in the woods with her parents and brother. She runs ahead, gets separated from the rest of the family and becomes lost.

“Kelly initially panics and runs aimlessly looking for her family. She then realizes she is lost, and she begins to recall the time a park ranger came to her school and explained what to do in this kind of situation. Gradually, as day turns to night, Kelly takes the appropriate actions and spends the night alone in her “nest” in the woods.

The next morning she is found safe and sound by Leni the search dog and his handlers, Brooke and Marion. Although cold, Kelly is fine because she remembered what to do to keep herself safe until she is found.”

The video was produced by the National Park Service Interpretive Design Center at Harpers Ferry. It is set in Shenandoah National Park, but it is appropriate for any geographic setting.

After showing the video, our NEK-9 SAR presenter asks the children to review what happened to Kelly – what she did that got her lost and how she helped herself stay safe until searchers found her.

After this discussion, the presenter also talks about how we use our dogs as part of the total search effort. Then we do a demonstration outside and show all the kids how the search dog can find a lost person.

Our presenters can tailor the presentation to children and adults at all levels of experience and understanding.

This presentation includes information on the hikeSafe “There and Back” safe-hiker education program sponsored by NH Fish & Game and the US Forest Service.

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